Advanced Children's Therapy's Network of Independent Providers specialize in delivering individualized family-focused pediatric services in a Child's natural environment.  Services covered are:

  1. Assessment of medical conditions that may be interfering with functional performance.
  2. Development and implementation of an individualized therapy program to:
    1. correct or compensate for medical conditions
    2. prevent initial or further impairment
    3. prevent or minimize developmental delays.
  3. Training and support for family members and other primary caregivers.


Service Disciplines include:

Early Intervention Developmental Therapy:  Focus is on designing and conducting activities with the child and or family that promote overall development. 

Speech Language Pathology:  focus is on speech development, expressive, receptive language development, articulation and oral motor skills including feeding and swallowing.

Occupational Therapy:  Focus is on adaptive development for everyday tasks, fine motor and postural development, sensory integration, feeding and oral motor development.

Physical Therapy:  Focus is on gross motor, gait and core strengthening, range of motion, stretching and postural development, ambulation and coordination skills, and cardiopulmonary status.


Our Network Support allows Providers to focus on maximizing treatment goals and our reimbursement rates let Providers enjoy the freedom and financial benefits of being independent.


Network Support includes:

Electronic Billing

Audit Support

Secure Email

Secure Web Services

Privacy and Security Compliance

On-going Continuing Education

Mentoring for First Steps Services

Opportunity to follow clients when they age out of First Steps